Am Saturday 14.4.2012 im Grelle Forelle:
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Disco Tales

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Disco Tales

Saturday, 14.4. 23:00 // Club

- Club
Dyed Soundorom / Lola Ed / Paris / FR
Aquarius Heaven LIVE / Wolf + Lamb / Circus Company / Paris / FR
Andy Catana / Do Easy / Vienna / AT

- Kitchen
Fabian Hofer (Zuckerwatt)
Andreas Reiter (Zuckerwatt)

Dyed Soundorom had an unusual entrée into dance music. The owner of infamous Paris nightspot Les Bain Douches spotted something in the hyper, perma-smiling party kid and approached him with a request: “he wanted me to put on a party with an underground sound,” says Dyed with a grin. And that is what he has been doing ever since – as a promoter, DJ and especially as a gifted producer. Given his deep roots in the electronic music scene it is hardly surprising Dyed’s career is blooming. If anything the mischievous twinkle in his eye that led to his first gig as a promoter in Paris is brighter than ever, and his irrepressible urge to be at the heart of the party is just as strong. With an ever-broadening network of clubs and labels clamouring for his music there is hardly a corner of the world left that is immune to the charms of Dyed Soundorom’s underground sound.
Aquarius Heaven might be new to the electronic music world, but he is no newcomer to the music scene as such: Aquarius Heaven, born Brian Brewster, is an ex reggae dancehall and hip hop singer. It was pure chance that Brian became involved with the electronic music scene after he moved to Paris in 2005, where he meet the Parisian trio dOP. After spending hours in the studio with the three musicians, Brian's musical sound was profoundly changed. Yet, we can still hear the colors of the Caribbean in his vocals, and since he is new to the genre, his music is unbound by the old rehashed sounds and limitations of the electronic music scene. All of this creates for a very interesting musical ride.

Eintritt: 15€

1090, Spittelauer Lände 12, Wien

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